About Old Lefty…

Grumpy old’ish bastard a lot pissed off with the world but calm enough to string a sentence together…on a good day!

These articles represent my take on things good and bad with the world.  They will probably be Australia centric in large but hey, you get that on the big jobs! (Australian slang/vernacular).

I am writing now because I care about us as a species, what we are doing to the planet and where we might be headed….?

My dear Great Grandmother once said, via my Mum “Knowledge is no burden to carry”.  I reckon she was spot on!

And that is precisely why I will continue to read and engage my brain even when I am so depressed on hearing about or reading of the low points our species will stoop too, because I know I can make a difference,…

…as can you.

Old Lefty


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