The opener…

Hi potential regular readers,

This is the inaugural post from a person wanting to put their .0001% of an opinion out there on social, political and anything else issue wise that interests me from now until I drop of the perch.

Have a read and make up your own mind and hey, if you want to get in touch and discuss (actual discussion, not aggro please) my take on a particular issue please do so.  I believe you can comment on these posts?


Ol Lefty

This first post is linked to this… Ethos: I read a paper called The Age in Melbourne, Australia which is going through troubles of its own at the moment as are many a print media company.  This first link is a great documentary that you can view on the site and to me it speaks volumes about the craziness of humanity.

p.s.  Only just getting my head around this internets thing…hang in there…, it could be a bumpy ride.


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