On Julian Assange.

OK…first things first. I haven’t read nor do I intend to read any of the cables and other documentation that Wikileaks posted for the world to view.


Well…, and you can call me a pessimist, misanthropic jerk (more on this later…) if you wish but I think my life experience in living with fellow humans over umpteen years proves to me at least, that I don’t need to read what Bradley Manning and Assange/Wikileaks crew have risked so much for in bringing this information to our collective attention.

Face facts y’all, SOME humans and I re-emphasise, SOME humans are pretty bloody ordinary full effing stop.  Having said this, there are a few good ones too, but in my experience, they are few and far between.

OK, don’t get me wrong, Julian Assange is no angel either to be sure, to be sure.  But on going on what I have read in that he is wanted in Sweden for allegedly having sex with two women without a condom seems a little shaky to me…how’s that sound to you?

Some reports cite rape, but most say two women and sex without protection…WTF?

Last time I had sex it was a two way street and I understand that passion is a potent drug but FFS surely the women had the right to protect themselves with the old adage of “no glove baby, no love”?

Possibly there was more to it but I don’t think you nor I will ever find out the truth of the matter now.  It’s bogged down in a legal stoush that will go on until someone gets their way and more than likely that is going to come about with the use of force which is the usual human way of doing things when talks break down.

Pity really that it has come to this IMHO.  You don’t have to be Einstein to work out that the United States hasn’t exactly played a straight bat in getting to this point…hell, they have a record dating back a hundred years or more of interfering  in other peoples business.  A quick Google search will give you access to multitudes of scandal’s and the like in which the United States has played a part.  After all, isn’t it the US that subscribes to the mentality of only having interests, not friends?

This is the part that shits me up the wall, in that, the US and many other countries have been playing fast and loose with their interpretation of the law for far too long and that combined with the inaction of the majority (in the West mainly) has gotten us collectively to the crappy point we are now which is a first world population of greedy, blinkered, self interested fuckwits that have no intention of scaling back their uber lifestyles such that it might preserve the planet for eons/generations to come.

So Bradley Manning and Julian Assange did what they thought was right in trying to get the masses to act to find a balance point primarily because our elected representatives the world over (The UN is a good example of productivity…NOT!) aren’t interested in anything more than the next few years of their elected life and now they are going to be hung, drawn and quartered for it…WTF?

And that, for the few who read this is where Julian and Bradley are at currently.

What a fucking mess.

Luv ya,
Old Lefty

p.s. The other part of this story that I didn’t put in is the capitalist interests that have taken the side of the nation states that have done wrong which yet again proves my point that human’s are pretty fucking ordinary when it comes down to it.  Write to Paypal and Master/VisaCard and tell them you aren’t happy with the side they have taken.  It might not do much but at least they will know that they natives are growing restless and that has got to be worth something in the big picture.

p.p.s  I am not all doom and gloom.  I joined a progressive political party and I write to my local member.  I watch my energy usage and I try to buy sustainable food, use less water etc.  That is the balance we all have to work on if we are to see this planet chug along as it has providing us with clean water and air and soil to grow our food etc.  A little bit of action by many means a lot in the bigger picture.

p.p.p.s If you want to comment, please do, but rest assured if you just want to abuse me and my take on things without any intention of genuine debate you will be blocked with no recourse/remorse.


The opener…

Hi potential regular readers,

This is the inaugural post from a person wanting to put their .0001% of an opinion out there on social, political and anything else issue wise that interests me from now until I drop of the perch.

Have a read and make up your own mind and hey, if you want to get in touch and discuss (actual discussion, not aggro please) my take on a particular issue please do so.  I believe you can comment on these posts?


Ol Lefty

This first post is linked to this… Ethos: I read a paper called The Age in Melbourne, Australia which is going through troubles of its own at the moment as are many a print media company.  This first link is a great documentary that you can view on the site and to me it speaks volumes about the craziness of humanity.

p.s.  Only just getting my head around this internets thing…hang in there…, it could be a bumpy ride.